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Finally my time to post my boy!! 83 He is a part of the trio i made for nagishadrazuki and ayumi-kenku <3

|Name|: Neon Noyes
|Gender|: Male
|Age|: 18
|Height|: 176 cm
|Weight|: 73 kg
|Parents|: Casey Noyes [mother], [father]: left her mother before he was born
|Personality|: friendly, talkative, exploring, helpful, sometimes rude
|Likes|: his dog, his mother, chemistry, oreo cookie 83

Neon is mood person, sometimes he is friendly, loveable person who likes being with his friends
and sometimes he is grumpy, rude and wants to be alone.
What he loves the most is his mom and his dog, Alum. Alum was an abandoned puppy and Neo found her in the streets he pitied the little fellow and got her home, later turned out that the dog has a special ability, she can breath fire or something like that ^^
Other thing to mention, he loves chemistry and has a little laboratory
at his home and often makes experiments with solution. He really wants to invent something new ;D

If the name Neon seems familiar to the noble gas it’s not by accident.! ^^
I was at chemistry class (i hate chemistry btw ;p) and yeah it was really interesting and i was reading the periodic table and i thought hey neon would be a great name for a new character ;)
Anyway the name neon come from ancient greek neos which means "new", it’s funny i think ;D

Yeah neon lights are cool!!! 83

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